About Us

What Is The Road to 777?

Celebrating the art of giving The Road to 777 is a Jackpot of Health and Wellness. The goal is to raise $777,777 through seven events to be shared by seven charities that have a positive impact to our families and communities both locally and beyond. The drive for needed support in charities is critical. Charitable service to The Road to 777  is a true "win win win" the community wins, charities win, and the individuals win. Getting needed support to the charities who serve the community.

About The Founder

Duane Bluestein is the owner of CamRell Enterprises Inc/VIPStatusEvents and the founder of the Road to 777 and DB University. His vision of creating a central system to raise funds for charities in support of creating a positive life experience for youth led him on his journey of many roads.                                                                                                       Duane, in pursuit of this vision, has created positive relationships with many infl uential people, such as Hall of Fame NFL player Terrell Davis of the Denver Broncos, MLB player Barry Bonds of the San Francisco Giants, superstar singer Brian McKnight, the Junior Seau Foundation, and a whole host of others who share his vision to support today's youth on the path to success. These relationships are fostered and promoted in events that raise money for various charities and inspire people, especially young people, to give and be all they can be.  These events also off er networking opportunities for the individuals, businesses, and organizations that participate. Everyone working together for the greater good.